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Reaching our community one person at a time


How we work


Here at ESYF we have many different teams that make up our ministry. We have teams that go to prisons to reach out to prisoners who are in need of Jesus; We have mission teams that travel to other countries bringing supplies and helping in the construction of facilities, as well as bringing the good news of Jesus to many communities. As a church we also reach out to local community, we partner with different organizations locally to ensure we have greater impact in our city.



Focus on international outreach, as well as partnering with int. organizations


Provides support for church families and those who need a miracle


Volunteers that go and share the gospel to people in the city


Provides support to marriages with counseling and resources

Youth & Young Adults

Raising a generation to walk out heaven on earth

Healing & Miracles

Special gathering dedicated to healing and miracles for those that need them

Crowns of Honor

Dedicated to serving and honoring those 65+


Ushers, baptism, welcome team and environments teams, these teams focus on the church experience



Gedeones Foundation  |  2019


Your donations in the past years

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2014 - 2019

Total Donations for missions

Thanks to all your donations we have been able to greatly bless all these places. The reason Colombia has the majority of the donations is because we have partnered with a orphanage and we send them the majority of their funds, with these funds they are able to eat and buy all the supplies they need.


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