Eddie Castillo

Senior pastor

Emigrating from Cuba at young age, Eddie and his family came to the U.S to escape political persecution. Years later Eddie came to learn about Jesus, he had gone through some rough and difficult times, so he decided to follow Jesus and changed his life forever. With over ten years of his life serving others and working in ministry, Eddie along with his wife Marcia founded EMC Ministries, giving birth to a vision put in their hearts by the Lord. This vision was to pastor a church and in 2003 established ESYF Church.

Father of four children, husband and pastor, God has put a fire in his heart to lead people to restore their relationship with Jesus, so they can experience the grace of God.


Marcia Castillo

Senior Pastor

Marcia was born in Cuba and raised here in Miami, as an adult she faced hardships and difficult moments, with nowhere to go she looked to Jesus for answers. She has faithfully served God since following Jesus, she went to bible college and earned her degree. In 2003, God spoke to her along with her husband Eddie Castillo, they felt the call of God and founded EMC Minisitires, and launched ESYF Church. Their mission was to lead those who were broken and in need, to the feet of Jesus.

She is currently a pastor, along with her husband, at ESYF Church, making a difference within the community to establish the kingdom of Heaven on earth.